Friday, June 18, 2021

Blogging again?

Social media is a cesspool.  It's dominated by bots, PR campaigns and irrelevancy.  In addition, the Social Media companies act as publishers by trending chosen topics and suppressing or banning others.  They favor big media and press releases.

I had a hope that it would Democratize media, but it's really put big media more firmly in control of the narrative.

I'm seeing others who are moving back to blogs and posting notices of their new entries on Social Media.  That might be the way to go, and I might try it, but if it's successful, the Social Media companies will probably hide such posts as they work against their business model.

I'll definitely be following more blogs.  Found a new RSS Reader embedded in the Vivaldi 4 Browser, which I'm trying out.  The RSS reader is a little crude in that it can't find title and feed from walking a site like some others I've used do, but it also seems easy to use once setup.